Experience the magical world of the sea at Fjord&Bælt

Fjord&Bælt’s exhibitions caters to visitors of all ages. The exhibitions are made up of different rooms where it is possible to immerse yourself in various topics. For instance, in one room you can learn about jellyfish and test your skills at various interactive stations. Another puts you eye-to-eye with the skeleton of a huge sperm whale, where you can test your skills against the fascinating senses and abilities of whales. You can also watch splendid films about the sea on giant screens, which make you feel that you are underwater yourself.

The recurring feature of Fjord&Bælt’s exhibitions is our touch pools which provide a unique opportunity to get very close to marine animals. Fjord&Bælt wants to make sure everyone gets his or her hands wet, because we believe that this provides the most profound and intense experience – and hopefully encourages the visitor to ultimately want to take better care of the sea and, not least, the aquatic animals living there.