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Meet our star Freja

One porpoise currently inhabit Fjord&Bælt’s large harbour basin (4 million litres). These small whales are fully protected in Denmark. However, Fjord&Bælt has special permission from the Danish Nature Agency (under the Ministry of the Environment) to keep up to four porpoises in captivity.

The porpoises are kept at Fjord&Bælt because we intend to preserve and protect – through research and information – the only member of the whale species that breeds in Danish waters. We particularly work to find methods for reducing the number of porpoises that drown in fishing nets. Our research activities are conducted in collaboration with a wide range of institutions and universities in Denmark and abroad.


Freja arrived at Fjord&Bælt in April 1997, after she, and the late Eigil, became entangled in a demersal net. We estimate that she was born in 1996, or perhaps in 1995, so she was one or two years old when she came to Fjord&Bælt.
Since then, she has been trained to take part in various research projects and can also do porpoise tricks, which can be experienced by visitors at Fjord&Bælt.


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Playful seals


Four common seals inhabit the innermost of Fjord&Bælt’s two harbour basins.

The seals arrived from other zoos and aquariums during 2001. Since then, four seal pups have been born in Fjord&Bælt’s basins. All four offspring now reside in other zoos and aquariums in Europe.

The animal keepers work with the seals in a manner similar to how they work with the porpoises. Our goal is to also include seals in our research efforts. They are already well on their way and have learned a number of important exercises from Fjord&Bælt’s animal keepers.


Svante was born at Acquario di Genoa, in Italy, in 1999. Svante is our only male – and an Italian male at that. Svante’s mother and father came to Genoa from the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, Denmark, so he also has some West Jutland blood coursing through his veins. He arrived at Fjord&Bælt in October 2001.


Tulle was born at the North Sea Museum in Hirtshals in 2000 and arrived at Fjord&Bælt in April 2001. Tulle played a leading role in the television series “Luffer og Gæller”, so she is already a TV star!


Naja was born in Odense Zoo in 2000 and arrived at Fjord&Bælt in March 2001. She is Fjord&Bælt’s youngest seal.

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